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Full Service Design Plan

Is a Full Service Design Plan Right for Me?

  • I want that magazine-worthy, ERI, "designer" look in my home.
  • I want my home to be approachable, functional and beautiful and I need more than the DIY Design Plan offers.
  • I've got what it takes to execute a detailed design plan if you tell me what to buy, where to go and how to do it.
  • I'm coachable, open to ideas and can make decisions quickly when it comes to interior design.
  • I'm busy and the thought of designing a space from scratch stresses me out.

What to Expect From our Full Service Design Plan

  • Accurate Measurements of the Space
  • A "Trade Day" (if necessary)
  • Detailed Floor Plan to Scale
  • Custom Color Story for the Space
  • Complete Lighting Plan
  • Conceptual Style and Accessory Plan
  • Up to Two Detailed Renderings of the Space Complete with Furnishings, Lighting, Window Treatments, etc.
  • Detailed Design Plan Specifications
  • Furniture Sourcing Plan with trusted Vendors
  • Comprehensive Budget to Complete the Space
  • Local Resource List
  • Design Plan Presentation with Ellie Redders

Our Full Service Design Plan Process:

  1.  After having a Discovery Call and Consultation with us, you can purchase and enter into our Full Service Design Plan where we will partner with you to create a plan for your project.

  2.  Depending on the complexity of the project, it usually takes 4-6 weeks to pull together the perfect Full Service Design Plan for you. Our team will diligently work on your behalf reviewing your specifications, style ideas, design goals and discuss any foreseeable obstacles we will face so that we can fully encompass the scope of the job in as much detail as possible.

  3.  During this 4-6 week design period, we may need to access to your home for what we call a "Trade Day", where we bring in our talented team of tradesmen and women to determine complexity and costs of design ideas we are considering for your space. We will do our best to do this all in one follow-up visit so that we do not disrupt your work schedule or everyday life.

  4.  When our Full Service Design Plan is complete, we will schedule our presentation where we will provide samples and the printed Design Plan, along with a binder that includes all documents necessary for you to complete your project.

  5.  Following your presentation, you will receive your very own private, personalized, password protected page in Mydoma Studio. A link will be emailed to you along with your password and instructions for full access. This page will include all drawings, documents, mood boards and photographs with the specifics for your design project.

  6.  After we've presented your design, you'll have the ability to follow-up with us over one email to answer any questions you have about your Design Plan. We will also make one revision to our floor plan and rendering(s) if you wish to see something laid out differently.

Our unique and extremely valuable Full Service Design Plan will provide you the dream space to make your home your favorite destination.